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Ocana book cover


This is the story of Luis Ocaña, the champion cyclist whose entire career constantly veered between heroism and tragedy, always missing out the middle way. Born into abject poverty during Spain’s ‘years of hunger’ and brought up in France, throughout his adult life he suffered from the effects of his childhood malnutrition and the perpetual question of self-identity – the common lot of the exile – Spanish or French or neither one nor the other? Enigmatic and contradictory, Ocaña was driven by a fierce pride, and an all-or-nothing scorn for caution and careful calculation which made him one of the most dramatically exciting riders ever.

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Amigo Cover


This book has been a long time in the making. At the end 2008 Dutch sportswriter, Nando Boers, and Pedro Horrillo, a Spanish cyclist then riding for the Dutch Rabobank team, conceived the idea of corresponding regularly via email throughout the coming racing season. They would exchange thoughts about the racing, the results and events in the cycling world.

The correspondence, starting early in 2009 begins in that fashion — two friends swapping stories and experiences. Then in May everything changed, utterly: Horrillo crashed, traumatically, in the Giro d’Italia, tumbling 80 metres down a cliff face. It took the mountain rescure half an hour even to find him. Miraculously, after days in a coma, he survived but he would never race again.

A correspondence that was planned to last nine months eventually took four years to complete.

‘Don't panic. Keep reading. It ends well.’
Wilfried de Jong

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Viva la Vuelta! - the story of Spain's great bike race 1935-2013

Viva la Vuelta! - the story of Spain's great bike race 1935-2013

Viva la Vuelta! is also an account of a race trying to establish itself in an international calendar where the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia had the advantage of a clear head-start. At times the Vuelta has suffered from an inferiority complex, but its current organisers have approached their race with an innovative spirit, always on the look-out for new routes and mountains to climb, and seeking to create dynamic, fiercely contested stages. For many followers of cycle-racing, the most interesting, and excitingly competitive racing of the three major tours now takes place in Spain.

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